Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fortification for the Disparity

Just finished a book on the current state of affairs for elephants.  Elephantoms

Reading a book on the current state of affairs for Muslim women.  Infidel

Liquid gold is the touchstone as I examine the current state of affairs. How different to read about both while living in direct contact. It helps to provide a mental construct for the felt sense I experiences daily. Ugh! Darker then expected. Agonizing reality.

Was asking Gurudev about reading the Quran, so I could better understand the religious differences and it resulted in a quiet stare and sigh! He talked about the state of humanity, religion, and how FEW can walk a true spiritual path.

The enormity of it is staggering. Feels like living as something to grind with a pestle at the bottom of a mortar. Nice to have this awareness opened after the visit to the homeopath in Mumbai.

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The Saudi women tweeting for their freedom @CNNI
Women in Saudi Arabia and their supporters around the world have been posting to social media, calling for an end to the country's male guardianship system. 

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