Friday, April 8, 2016

What Fun!

Driving into work.

As I moved again, I was able to touch what I own. Hmmm... more to weed out. Job set up for fall and next season in Thermal. Looks like I might go to Colorado with Nador during the heat and on to India for a month or two.

Examining a state of the ego as a blanket of separation while living in the form. The textures of awareness and the continued state of grace for the awareness of the Oneness.

Getting an opportunity to look at an untaught depth of connection with horses and how to outwardly share it with others while visiting with a kindred spirit on the horse path. Grace. The spiral staircase in all of its' beauty. I met this person in the late eighties and she came to visit me in Portugal, because of a thirst for classical training. In our continued examination of systems, we have both independently found the "Portuguese System" to be the most complete, systematic, and pure in addressing the horse and rider. As I teach and ride, I continue to grow in my understanding of the basics and the value of examining their depth. How amazing to share this with even one other person and to have both found oneness through the portal of the horses. We are examining the mystic side of the relationship with horses, humans, and life. What fun!

I could live in this van. It was really fun to drive! 
Nador got shoes and his body has responded to all of the body work at a level that it would appear we can start to work thoughtfully in a more complete way. Learning a lot from the eyes of such a sensitive, intelligent, raw four-legged. He is really trying to work with the two-leggeds.

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