Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fear of Lack

Living in the density of the material world, it continues to challenge my expectations and examination of renunciation. The magnetism to have more, take more, and accumulate more are always pulling exteriorly. The pull can be by others as I am learning. Renunciation from me personally is one step. Renouncing the need to fulfill or create boundaries for what others want to take is yet another step. Finding the path in the interior and external world is often convoluted if I don't return to examine the basic state of Oneness. Separation continues to appear in twisted blindspots. The liberation in letting go and yet another trip with the wheelbarrow to the discard pile. Yes, fear of lack was hiding underneath.

New homework assignment is appearing.  Creating a book and or program/school for teaching the essence of a true horseman. The qualities of a human's interaction with the horse. As a friend said, "A horse cannot be trained by internet speed."  The second book showed the global challenge for the horse as the next generations are substituting gadgets, drugs, and shortcuts for training that requires knowledge, a system, patience, compassion, tenaciousness, and humility.  The modern consumer may benefit from understanding the principles as a template for how to sense, be, and proceed with the horse. Two people are joining me in this endeavor to modernize the communication of classic principles and to find a common unifying thread will all disciplines of riding. The focus is to create an inclusive foundation that joins everyone who interacts with horses (professional or amateur) in understanding the underlying truths of right action, clear objectives from the two legged, and the principles from fourth century BC. We have decide this could take the rest of our lifetimes, but we don't mind working on it. Part of being the messenger for the horse and pleased to have others wanting to join in.

Able to give a riding lesson in Hungary from my laptop! Amazing aspects of the digital world.

Nador is continuing to become whole. I am learning a lot and he continues to be a character.

Moving to a new location for the next two months that has a small farm. It is just down the street from work.

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