Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Observing the Story Builder

Another hike, but only seven hours. Watching my mind as it tries to create a story to embellish what I was doing--walking. Emotions were the ornaments and the distraction from inner peace. How simple. The desire to analyze and give feedback is diminishing--except for when called upon to do so at work. Walking in the stillness of the night, without a story, and from the state of the self cave. I hiked by a few caves and reflected on stories of spiritual masters and seekers. The self inquiry from a less provoking environment. My mind is the provocateur. I was made aware of this while in India, but the spiral staircase is relentless until I disappear?

Wonderful feed back on the second book, My Horse, My Heart, My Soul. I continue to feel so fortunate to have teamed up with the interviewees and Takao to bring this to life.

The new job has been a perfect setting to rekindle my passion for riding and teaching. I am finding a more articulate way to describe the intricacies of timing and feel to all levels of riders. I might need to hijack the blog back to its original role as a blog for riders?

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