Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nine Hour Hike

Heading out

Nature, natural sounds, rugged terrain, beauty, aloneness, and darkness--nine hours. Eased the restlessness I have been feeling while in my new life. The hike became a way to remember the vitality within my self, faith, perseverance, steadfastness, and humility. Yes, it was dangerous and reckless, but it provided a way to join and align the outer and inner world. I had attended one of the biggest horse shows on the west coast which felt empty of living vitality. How is this possible to have thousands of horses and humans, but a texture as a void? Am I in service to this void? The void is a reflection of the outer emptiness and to remember the only state of peace is inward. The risk was inappropriate, but the reward was in the realignment. I made a vow not to become a thrill seeker and to walk on the trail--not as a mountain goat, (but I visited where they live in the dark.)

Now, as I look at the mountains while at work, I smiled in reflection of knowing them in an intimate way. Listening to someone of particularly exteriorized focus, I could be in alignment with my deeper nature, listen, and not wear her scratchiness--no effort, just presence. Thank you Santa Rosa Mountains. Standing up again and in service.

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