Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unexpected Check Mark

VFX, Portugal
Bullfight arena by night
Señor Valenca as a child--the beginning
(1950) First horse trained completely at age 14, Bamboo
(1987) Bi, second oldest daughter, riding Achado
(2015) Filipe, oldest daughter, giving a lesson today.
Master Don Jose, early teacher of Señor Valenca in the early sixties
Now I have a check mark by my examination of riding for art vs. riding for sport. What an unexpected bonus to speak with Señor Valenca about this division in riding. I have turned over this stone for 25 years and have interestingly come to a similar point of observation. Now I have a spark again to dive into the training world--until the road leads to a new point. The spark comes from the chance to play in the sandbox with what I understand and to enjoy the horses for being horses--forgiving creatures that inhabit the planet. Little did I know how important my time was here 25 years ago and now to find myself here again after the experience of life.

The richness and depth of Señor Valenca's life and teaching/training abilities are almost incomprehensible relative to most professionals. His nature is humble, but the complexity of his mind is marvelous--not to mention switching fluently between four languages throughout the day. 

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