Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nothing Fancy, Nothing New...

Winter forest
Looking at sale horses
Andrea's old apartment building in Budapest
Teaching and riding this week. Fun to enter a world anonymously and just do what I love doing. Interesting to sit on a young sale horse to see if the balance could be different and have the director of the farm come alive with enthusiasm that I was riding in a way that was lost in today's riding world. He invited me to come ride the horses anytime. The path has been very narrow for searching for this approach, so lovely to have two veterans in two different countries confirm the approach. The students have been enthusiastic too. Nothing fancy, nothing new, just old principles applied with pure intentions. The design of the bit is to work on the horses jaw and poll from a particular angle, so the modern way of riding is inhumane for the horses. Horses caught in the human insanity plan. 

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