Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Testing Ground

Walking the talk of what I have learned to date has been challenged by the two-legged work environment. Wonderful deep conversation with the human resource person and the center manager. Conclusion: not to lose sight of one's inner state while tromping about in the outer rigors of life. Fact check is in alignment with spiritual truths. The work is in the doing of being. Standing up again and forging ahead. Trying to set boundaries from the inner alignment and not the ego/outer alignment.

A year ago, I told Gurudev that I was committed to the spiritual path and that it made sense. Attempting to walk in alignment with it has continued to foster capacity building and is a definite work in progress. Now starts the new year.

Nice weekend in Montana interviewing an animal healer. This work is precious to sit in the presence of someone who has lived a self examined life and listen to her points of wisdom. Grace.

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