Thursday, January 29, 2015


Oneness Fully Realized
Stagnation, scratchiness, inauthenticity... appear to be the nature of separation. It feels like my fire walk into humanity is winding down. I see the commonality of the cycles whether one is a CEO, medical practitioner, engineer, accountant, therapist, and so on. There is no hiding, so I have no doubt that homework will appear, but I am feeling the pull to let go of my self imposed homework assignments and live in the beauty of what I know as Self and the diligence of living a self-examined life. Sigh. How lovely.

Feb 25th the walkabout begins in Florida.

I am clear about what criteria I would need to be comfortable training horses humanely. A support team is available in Northern California and I do truly enjoy riding and teaching, so letting go of it all and seeing what emerges.

Involving myself in a relationship is no competition for my spiritual practice. I was curious since the writings often implore this as a distraction of magnitude.

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