Thursday, June 5, 2014


Walking on the hilltop in the quiet of the night--new 2 hour loop. 

Outer world changing significantly and quickly, but the inner awareness is supporting all of it.  What grace to be at this point in my life and to have answers about the spiritual path, the Earth Plan, and my living homework. My entire life has been seeking, questioning, and delving for something that I now know as the Truth. Of course there is more, but Sue's list has been satisfied.  I have ridden a horse every day upon my return and the path appears to be emerging to create some sort of consciousness center for riders and others who want to learn about the inner world through animals/nature. Beginning stages.

The "black box" healing is astounding to feel as I enter the horse world again.  A massive do over with the techniques, skills, and awareness from over 40 years with horses, but without the lint of the human confusion. I feel like a child returning to the garden and love of why I originally followed a path with horses. The darkness that began to overtake the garden required examination and compassion. Time will tell, but it feels as though I will be able to walk with both--the two buckets are one even within the point of origin for pain and desperation.

My fitness effort in India allowed me to step right back into my physical world. I was surprised to see that I had lost 10 pounds, but that is easy to change.  The final stages of selling my horse are evolving, so we shall see what the end point is.  Not needing to return to India for long stretches of time for the next ten years has changed the urgency around Jaz finding a new owner, but the new person in sight is excellent which compels me to continue with his transfer.

The editor for the potential book of one of my horse world mentor's feels it is book material and is willing to edit and coach me on my writing skills.  I am feeling inspired with other ideas for interviews and books as well.

Getting to see friends and family who have dotted my life walk.  Amazing to connect with people who I haven't seen in a very long time and to walk easily side-by-side again.

Pranam Gurudev. What amazing grace!

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