Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Riding in Portugal

Always a student, so I decided to return to Portugal to ride with Antonio Borba who I worked with last year. I have learned that being a student means showing up for whatever unfolds, but questions are allowed. A friend and trainer decided to come as well. Bonus that we are on similar tracks for improving our timing, feel, and execution of conscious riding aids. The week was intense with our own two lessons a day and our deep discussions on the equestrian world.

As EquiSeers, it fueled our interest to create a learning facility for awareness and wellness through experiences with horses, but for non-equestrians and equestrians. What is most misunderstood in riding communication? The aids and the application of the aids. It was very insightful to ride horses trained in a different system and with a different feel. We are both experienced professionals, but it created a chance to study the root of the basic aids. We were beginners which is always useful. Grace.

Fun outing to the Portuguese Riding School--practice day.

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