Friday, July 21, 2017

We Forget

I have complete respect for the agility, sharp teeth, and claws of some sort.
Human photo bomb
A lot of great pieces have come together on this amazing spiritual path that I walk in India! Jai Guru! I was looking at the veil of the Western society and asking about the East vs. West approach to spirituality. The East often has more outward distractions, but more reminders in daily life, the West often has plenty of distractions and fewer reminders in daily life. The result of it all is we forget to go inward. The beauty of nature and an abundant life isn't enough for me at this point. It is the inward awareness that draws me the deepest. I was concerned that this pull often leaves me not seeing a reason to come back out. Death is okay even though that may sound harsh to many. Gurudev said no worries that it is a result of the deepening practice. All so interesting. Feeling at peace in my learning and in my homework. Grace. On to Portugal for a different education.

The ears are so special.

Amber Fort wall management.
A guest at an Iskon Temple in Delhi.

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