Saturday, August 20, 2016

Limits of Perception

I always enjoy experiencing park benches from around the world.
Life is very comfortable, but I find myself still being drawn to the path, how to go deeper--the moth is still flying to the flame. The voice asks if I am ready to take another wheelbarrow load to the surrender pile--my perception of being a human being. Fear hasn't arisen for some time, but this is a daunting question, since it is a point of view that I would have never considered as a question. I took the steps I have followed for the past five years and it lead me to walking the familiar path of surrender to a destination of the unknown. Yes, I survived again and felt less encumbered from the trip. The mind game, limits of perception, what hidden agendas do I hold onto, and more. I do have a few questions for Gurudev. Soon, I will visit. 

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