Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Horse"

I didn't expect to end up where I left off in horse training quite so quickly--in just three weeks. The modern style of training for competition creates tension in the poll (point between the ears at the top of the horse's head) by the force of the bit, rider's pulling hands, and driving seat for leverage. It creates headaches, nerve damage, muscle damage, and more for the horse. It was part of why I was giving up riding. Now I have techniques for helping to change the tension point, but sometimes the damage is too severe. To make a change, one needs to tactfully deconstruct the tension which requires trust and willingness on the horse's part. The horse is particularly vulnerable during this transition point, as in the case of people healing from a health condition or overcoming an addiction. A heavy handed, unconscious rider can send the horse right back into tension. This appears to be my cause for the moment: decontraction and mobilization of the horses.

It is providing an insight into the path of service for the sake of serving. My passion for riding and horses keeps me moving towards the flame from the exterior world, while the inner state feels like a place of quiet, energized spaciousness that is nurtured by God consciousness. It all feels surreal somehow, but the horse's are visibly relieved.

Daily life is such a profound teacher.

(Takao is doing such an amazing job on the first book, "Seeing Through The Horse's Eyes" Bonus, he has agreed to transform the second one as well "My Heart, My Horse")

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