Friday, June 25, 2021

Capacity Building


Gurudev said that was my journey now (seven years ago)--capacity building. The caring of the land and knowing it from all of the exercises of weeding, weed-eating, and tree trimming has developed a sensibility like discovering each horse that I have had in the flow of my life. Magic carpet. Plastic pile removed, hay baled, and more. 

Chloe had just barked and warned me about a snake family that was under the last pile of debris to clean up. She had transitioned to being my steward and not just the reverse. Observing, shaping, and being part of the evolution of a beautiful soul was a privilege. Less then twenty-four hours later, she was struck dead by the neighbor drag racing down the street. Is it the contrast of life to death that is the deepest point of capacity building?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Steps of Effort and Change


What a measuring stick of change to work on a property. In two days, footing in the indoor, new gravel on the driveway, stall enlarged, pipes cut down in outdoor, grass mowed, fence panels moved, ceiling fans installed, and meeting new cool people. Grace.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Morning view and light emerging

The outer details of the house, barn, and grounds are progressing rapidly. After assembling four bookshelves, I had a moment to start unpacking books, so they had a place to go. Very heartfelt to run across the books I studied while in India and photos of the ashram/Gurudev. Now, I have a place for a daily reminder visually as well as what is in my heart every moment. Pranam. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021



Bible belt, so meeting a lot of church going people. My church is daily life and trying to stay in alignment to right action every thought, breath, and action. With the abundance of people working on projects and the selling of greenhouses, I am exposed to a lot of people. I keep hearing Gurudev's point to capacity building. The pebble started in India and now the ripple is where ever I am. 

Amazing how quickly and with clarity everything is unfolding. A lot of talented, kind, and honest people are joining the team. I have been here for a month and the house is almost finished with painting, new fixtures, details of doors, radon test, mold management, and more. Still need furniture and to hang up the paintings/books on a bookshelf.  The barn is getting prepared for new footing, the outside arena for a surface once the greenhouses are moved (maybe by next Tuesday), and the driveway graveled (spraying weeds like crazy with organic spray.) 

Unbelievable how much the trees have grown leaves in just a month. The grass is over my knees. The weather is ever changing, but the living situation for me and the animals is awesome. Grace.

Saturday, April 17, 2021



The inspiration for this move--horses and nature.

Each piece added is examined in its use and generates a point of gratitude. The wheelbarrow, the rakes, the brooms, the can opener, and so on are all part of the building of solutions for day-to-day activity. Learning from the remarkable team of people taking action at the farm: the electrician, the plumber, the grass cutter, the painter, and so on who are creating a safe, functioning work space. How interesting to take this all on as a transition from minimalism. It suits my energy level. Wonderful place and infrastructure. The horses are learning a new routine. Chloe is having a ball running, running, and running. 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Columbia, Kentucky

Next adventure!!!  Kentucky farm. Horses shipping out. Storage unit shipping out. In the morning, I pick up Chloe, my new dog, and I start the drive to Columbia, Kentucky. Work has started on the farm for plumber, painting, etc. Water works. Energy transferred. The drive will be 30 hours. Global nomad to owner of an eighty plus acre farm. 


Last ride in Loomis on Lincoln

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

10 Year Anniversary


10 years ago to the day, I walked out of the hotel in Jaipur and headed to the ashram. I was a day early from meeting with the group, but I wanted to know the route and distance, so I wouldn't be late. The walk one way was about 1 1/2 hours. The group was staying 10 minutes from the ashram. I had just landed from South Africa and was use to walking. Curiosity drove me. I was use to traveling, so walking through a foreign city was nothing new. Seeing cows on the street was. Somehow, I had created a map and was about to test it out. The sights, sounds, and smells were unfamiliar. By this time, I was searching/seeking answers for the pain in my spiritual heart. 

2021. First year to not go to India. Pandemic. Heading to Kentucky instead. I am not sure if I would return to India if I wasn't going to see Gurudev. Although, I have grown to embrace the differences and it feels like a second home.

Something pulling me to Kentucky not unlike the pull to India. Curiosity and gratitude for what is about to unfold. Takao has been babysitting a rug that I was given from the ashram. Maybe there will be a floor to keep it now. I have been thinking about Durga and all of the wonderful festivals I attended. Maybe I will find a picture to honor her. The house is going to be painted. I haven't had a wall to hang anything for a very long time. A student from over 15 years ago drew wonderful headshots of two past horses, both dead now. 

My first home. My real home is inside now, but it will be fun to play farmer for a bit.